The Activist

ZaRio launched the platform of the Unite or Die Campaign in 2015. Since its inception, this Campaign has been working diligently to make communities safe, clean, successful, and a decent place to live. The Campaign has successfully hosted Three Annual National Day of Nonviolence weekends with events ranging from Silent Marches, a Celebrity Basketball Tournament, a Black Youth Forum and Royal Ball to recognize leaders in the community and celebrate black excellence.

In 2016, he started 360 Training and Development in the number one crime zone in Georgia to teach and train men and women on how to build and protect their community. 

In November 2017, ZaRio called for 1000 Men and Women to go into the worst areas of crime and violence across the metropolitan as a demonstration of love and solidarity. Thus, in January 2018, the 1000 Men March was launched. This movement later developed into 1000 Men and Women Inc. which organizes 12 committees designed to address and create tangible solutions to the issues facing poor and disenfranchised communities.

Most recently, ZaRio launched WomanUp for the respect, protection, and elevation of black and all women with an initiative to raise awareness of and Stop Sex Trafficking.