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ZaRio is a talented artist, songwriter, and producer. His musical style has been likened to that of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Brian McKnight. ZaRio has been trained classically and in the field of R&B by vocal coach, Cynamman. At the young, tender age of 8, ZaRio discovered he was a singer. After joining the school choir in middle school, he became even more fond of the arts.  As a teenager, he also began to organize and lead the youth in Atlanta and in different parts of the country. His activism led him to become a seasoned and motivational speaker with a passion for leadership, change and personal development. Between music and his community activism, ZaRio found it hard to balance both with his activism usually taking the upper hand. Now he’s set his sights on returning to music by releasing his debut single, Unite or Die, with co-producer  Errol “EZ” Taylor which features melodic sounds and beautiful harmonies that will touch your soul. His new song speaks to the time we live in and what we are currently experiencing with the condition of the Black community and the state of the world as it relates to racial injustices and systemic racism across the country. Later this year, ZaRio plans to release his EP, Sorry to Keep You Waiting, as a tribute to musical fans throughout the world. You can download and stream his music on all platforms. 

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